Friday, August 07, 2009

Back in the Good Old USA; Catalyst Investment Research in the Wall Street Journal

Your Cheap Stocks editor recently returned from a 10 day mission trip to the Dominican Republic. It was truly an eye opening experience. Thirty Americans and several Dominicans worked to clear a small piece of land, so that a church can be built on the site in the town of Haina. We used axes, shovels, pick axes, and machetes- possibly the greatest tool ever, and a must have in every garden shed- to get the job done. I come back very appreciative of the small things that we take for granted: clean, cold water, ice, toilet paper, a toilet that flushes, you name it. What the Dominicans we worked with lacked in material possessions, and many of the things we don't think we can live without, they more than made up for in their joy. Amazing people. As a side note, machete's were so popular with our group, that 18 brand new ones ($8.00 each) came home with us, in our checked luggage.

Hedge Fund Solution's Catalyst Investment Research in the Wall Street Journal

While I was away, the latest from Catalyst Investment Research (The Hedge Fund Solutions product that I've teamed up with Damien Park on), a special report on recent Steel Partners activity, was featured in the Wall Street Journal print and on-line editions.

Finally,it's back to work, and more regular postings. Stay tuned.

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