Tuesday, November 10, 2015

JG Boswell (BWEL) Update- 2015 Fundamental Data

It's been a rough year for investors of JG Boswell, one of our favorite all-time high-quality pink sheet names. The dividend was cut in half to $2.25/quarter, and shares are down 29% year to date. The drought has no doubt had an effect on the company. Sales fell 27% year over year, but the company still managed to turn a $19 million profit. We were expecting it to be much worse.

Thanks to the addition of the most recently available year-end data, we've now strung together thirteen years worth of fundamentals for JG Boswell. Below are some of the highlight for 2015:

Current Data (2015 Annual, Year ended 6/30/2015)
Current Price: $675.5
EPS (Fully Diluted): $19.17
P/E: 35
Price/Sales: 1.59
Price/Book: 1.18
Revenue: $430 million 
Net Income: $19.4 million
Net Profit Margin: 4.52%
EV/EBITDA: 12.75
Indicated Dividend Yield:1.33%
Current Market Cap: $685 million
Current Enterprise Value: $873 million
Cash: $3.3 million

Boswell remains one of deep value's greatest mysteries.  What is it truly worth, and will we ever find out?
Stay tuned.

*The author has a position in JG Boswell (BWEL). This is neither a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. All information provided believed to be reliable and presented for information purposes only.