Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Profitable Companies Trading Below Net Current Asset Value

As promised, here's the latest list of profitable net/nets. In order to qualify, market cap had to be greater than $20 million, with positive trailing 12 month net income, and the company had to have a "real" operating business. (Therefore, companies such as Zapata (ZAP) and Comdisco (CDCO) did not qualify.) Some of these names, such as Audiovoxx and Lazare Kaplan seem to be perennial net/nets; others are first timers.

Company: AudioVox
Ticker: VOXX
Price: $9.69
Market Cap: $221.46 (million)
NCAV: $242.99

Company: RCM Tech
Ticker: RCMT
Price: $2.71
Market Cap: $34.62
NCAV: $39.29

Company: Nu Horizons Elec
Ticker: NUHC
Price: $4.78
Market Cap: $88.27
NCAV: $131.17

Company: Lazare Kaplan
Ticker: LKI
Price: $7.85
Market Cap: $64.78
NCAV: $71.27

Company: GSI Group
Ticker: GSIG
Price: $4.88
Market Cap: $204.98
NCAV: $264.65

Company:Vicon Industries
Ticker: VII
Price: $5.65
Market Cap: $26.79
NCAV: $26.36*
*reflects increase in price today, company now trades just over NCAV

Company: Flexsteel Inds
Ticker: FLXS
Price: $11.18
Market Cap: $73.52
NCAV: $75.69

Company: Trident Microsystems
Ticker: TRID
Price: $3.05
Market Cap: $186.05
NCAV: $194

Company: Peerless Systems
Ticker: PRLS
Price: $1.87
Market Cap: $33.68
NCAV: $43.67

Company: Gencor Industries
Ticker: GENC
Price: $9.35
Market Cap: $89.88
NCAV: $90.37

Company: Silverleaf Resorts
Ticker: SVLF
Price: $1.87
Market Cap: $71.21

Company: Tegal Corp
Ticker: TGAL
Price: $3.76
Market Cap:$27.31
NCAV: $30.31

Company: Novacea
Ticker: NOVC
Price: $1.83
Market Cap: $47.33
NCAV: $91.53

There you have it. Once again, all these companies are deep into micro-cap land, so use caution, and do your own evaluation. As a postscript, there were some intriguing names with market caps below $20 million; but these were too small for print.

*The author does not have positions in any of the companies mentioned. This is neither a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. All information provided believed to be reliable and presented for information purposes only. The author will not trade any of the securities mentioned (buy, sell, short) for at least two weeks following the date of this post.

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