Saturday, December 18, 2004


It certainly didn't take long for Dominion Homes to tick up above its net current asset value. The stock closed yesterday at $21.31, up slightly (1%) since we highlighted this company last week. Here is how the other four fared:

Cellstar (CLST) $4.75 (up 4.2%)
G III Apparel (GIII) $6.55 (up 4.0%)
Boss Holdings (BSHI) $7.00 (unchanged)
Electro-Sensors (ELSE) $3.83 (up 1.9%)

Not a bad week for these companies. We'll continue to search for other NCAV companies, and post as we can.

Last but not least, we posted research on Duckwall-Alco recently, and since then the stock is up 2.9% (to $17.50). The company still trades below its NCAV. We'll continue to follow this interesting story. Merry Christmas to all from the research staff at CHEAP STOCKS.


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