Sunday, June 01, 2008

Clyde Milton Revealed

One of the most frequent questions we receive at Cheap Stocks is the identity of the site's phantom editor/writer/founder Clyde Milton. We've made no secret that the site has been written under a pseudonym since it was launched in 2003, in fact we've also revealed the meaning behind the name.

My name is Jonathan Heller, CFA, aka Clyde Milton. I started this site as an outlet; a way to keep my writing and research skills sharp, following the closing of the finance magazine (Bloomberg Personal Finance) I'd been writing for. Initially, this site was not intended for anyone other than me, but interestingly enough, it has developed a following over the years.

Here's my background: I spent 17 years at Bloomberg, ran the Equity Fundamental Research Product for several years, than the Equity Data Research Department for several more. Somewhere along the way, rather "late" in life (age 30) I discovered that I loved to write. This meshed well with my passion for investing and fundamental analysis, and after several years, I gave up the management track for a dream job: to write/edit for a major finance magazine. (Unfortunately, Bloomberg Personal Finance was closed shortly after Mike Bloomberg became Mayor of New York City.)

After leaving Bloomberg, I served as Director of Investment Communications for SEI (SEIC). I am currently President of KEJ Financial Advisors, a start-up fee only financial planning firm.

I have an MBA from Rider University, where I have also been an adjunct faculty member, and a BA in Financial Planning/Economics from Grove City College.

Finally, thanks to Clyde and Milton, my grandfathers. This site was and is dedicated to their memory.


David said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Cheap Stocks is a great blog, one of the first blogs I ever read and bookmarked as a favorite. Your grandfathers would be proud of this tribute, Jonathon!

P.S. You mentioned Grove City College - didn't some of the well known Austrian economists (like Hans Sennholz) hold teaching positions at that school?

clyde said...

David, thanks for your kind words. Indeed, Dr. Hans Sennholz, who recently passed away was my economics professor at Grove City.

Madharry of SI said...

good luck with your start up. i appreciate your ability to ferret out interesting stocks. thanks for bringing BWEL to my attention.


Howard Foster said...

I very much enjoy your stuff. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

"I discovered that I loved to write."

Really? Your love of writing isn't obvious via this blog. I wish you posted more frequently, this is a nice blog.