Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Top 10 market cap companies trading below NCAV

We last published a similar list a couple months back, and this column proved to be extremely popular with our readers, so here goes again. Unless we have previously published research for any of the listed companies, we have made no judgements as to a given company's merits. This is simply a list of companies trading below their NCAV. Be cautious, as we’ve said in the past, companies are often cheap for good reasons.

Company: Trans World Entertainment
Ticker: TWMC
Price: $4.77
Market Cap: 148
NCAV: 193
Industry: Retail/music & video
Report Available

Company: Dominion Homes
Ticker: DHOM
Price: $10.2
Market Cap: 84
NCAV: 187.8
Industry: Home Building

Company: Lazare Kaplan
Ticker: LKI
Price: $8.64
Market Cap: 72
NCAV: 79
Industry: Diamonds
See last week’s report

Company: Discovery Partners
Ticker: DPII
Price: $2.5
Market Cap: 66
NCAV: 87
Industry: R&D
See Report

Company: Axonyx
Ticker: AXYX
Price: $.94
Market Cap: 50
NCAV: 57
Industry: Biotech

Company: Praecis Pharmaceutical
Ticker: PRCS
Price: $4.32
Market Cap: 45
NCAV: 47
Industry: Medical/Pharma

Company: Pharmos Corp
Ticker: PARS
Price: $2.15
Market Cap: 148
NCAV: 193
Industry: Drug Delivery

Company: Remec Inc
Ticker: REMC
Price: $1.3
Market Cap: 38
NCAV: 121
Industry: Wireless Equipment

Company: Intrabiotics
Ticker: IBPI
Price: $3.65
Market Cap: 49
NCAV: 34
Industry: Medical-Drugs

Company: Peak Intl
Ticker: PEAK
Price: $2.49
Market Cap: 31
NCAV: 36
Industry: Semiconductor Equip

*The author does not have a position in any stocks mentioned in this report. This is neither a recommendation to buy or sell this security. All information provided believed to be reliable and presented for information purposes only.

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