Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who are you Calling Ben Graham? Another Sign that Blog Aggregation has Gotten out of Hand

Content is indeed king, as evidenced by the growing number of web content aggregators trying to entice writers to share their postings. Promises of more exposure and increasing site visits are the usual bait. Cheap Stocks received the ultimate solicitation this past week, the one that demonstrates that we have truly arrived. Here it is in full, except we have removed the soliciting company's name; suffice it to say, it is a well-known behemoth in the data industry:

Dear Ben Graham,

I would like to invite you to become part of the new XXXXXXX Blog Network. We would like to make your content available through

At XXXXXXX we understand that blogs are a very important part of today’s news coverage. In response, we are creating the ‘XXXXXXX Blogs Network’. XXXXXXX Blogs Network will feature prestigious blogs covering the following categories: Personal Finance, Investing, Business, World Events and Lifestyle.

What are the benefits of being part of XXXXXXX Network?

Recognition: By becoming part of XXXXXXX Blog network you will join one of the largest and most trusted news sources of the world and one of the fastest growing news sites (

Promotion: Participating blogs will be linked from

Content: you will receive free access to selected XXXXXXX Headlines (RSS or Headline Wizard) and XXXXXXX Video Player to publish XXXXXXX News on your site.

Revenue Potential: XXXXXXX will share 30% of the net revenue derived from your Blog by implementing mutually agreed advertising components to your site.

Independence: XXXXXXX will not interfere with your editorial process.

How does this work?

1. You sign the Letters of Agreement from XXXXXXX and XXXXXXX (these are attached as Exhibits A and B). All traffic to your blog will then be assigned as XXXXXXX traffic. You then become part of the XXXXXXX blog network and your blog will be accessible from

2. You or XXXXXXX can cancel this agreement at any time at either party's discretion

Next Steps:

If you agree with the proposed above, please let me know and I will follow up with the appropriate next steps

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions or ideas, please email or call me directly.



Director, Business Development - Americas

What an offer! Bet they'd back out if they new I was not really Ben Graham, who, by the way, passed away in 1976. As Walter Schloss, Graham disciple and investment legend in his own right might say:
"Clyde, I knew Ben Graham, I worked with Ben Graham, and you are no Ben Graham"


David J. Phillips said...

I find it interesting that aside from deriding blog aggregators, two of the four blog sites that you recommend--via links--are in themselves blog aggregators!

David J Phillips, Publisher

clyde said...

Thanks, David. This post was not meant to denigrate blog aggregators, but was rather a tongue-in cheek look at a particular incident. We get many solicitations to contribute to aggregators, as I'm sure you do. We have rejected most of them. Some do their homework, while others blindly add content without regard to quality or objectivity. The latter will ultimately damage the blogging community, in our opinion.